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2 Stage Paint Correction

This package aims at really correcting flaws in the paint work. With aims to get your paint to 80%-90% corrected, making your paint very close to how it was when it came out of the factory

Our 2 Stage Paint Correction will remove paint water spotting as well as any light etching and defects caused by cheap car washes or improper cleaning technique

After performing a deep clean and checking over the vehicle for any deeper scratches, I will start with a cutting compound to remove the harshest of swirl marks. Once they are taken care of I'll follow it with a polish to bring back the shine, before moving on to the choice of protection

Please note that the interior is not included with this package. We are open to adding an interior clean at a reduced cost, seeing as the car is with us for so long

We would need your car for 48 hours to complete

(these will usually be at a weekend)

Please read my T&C's

​      Package Includes:

​  ​


  • Wheel, tyre and arches cleaned and decontaminated. Multiple stages carried out to ensure as clean as possible

  • Exterior Pre-wash and and snowfoam to remove loose dirt and grime. Followed by 2 bucket, 2 mitt safe wash to prevent any damage to vehicle paint

  • Vehicle dried with plush soft towels and warm air blowers

  • 2 stage machine polish, starting with cutting compound to remove paint swirls and etching. Followed by a finer polish to bring back the gloss and shine of your paint (a lot of scratches can be taken care with the heavy cut but if sanding is required you will be advised)

  • Tyre's and wheel arches dressed

  • 7 year ceramic coating applied

  • Window coating applied



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