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Terms & Conditions

Here at Next Gen Valets we provide a mobile service that does the work at your house or place of work. Due to insurance purposes, along with the health and safety of Next Gen Valet and any collaborators, we require a safe space to do work on the vehicle that is not on a main road, heavily used road or any small/tight roads that can cause danger to employees or damage to the vehicle. We also cannot do the job in a pay and display car park

We have everything required to perform the job booked; however, we do require a safe place to plug in to power any tools and machinery that we use

Once we have been in contact to arrange a booking, you will be asked to read the T&C's, and a deposit will be required to be paid in order to secure the booking. The deposit will be counted towards the total cost of the package(s) booked and is non-refundable

If Next Gen Valets has to cancel the booking or rearrange for any reason, it will be done within 14 days or a full refund will be sent back

The prices that are on this website are based on your vehicle not being overly soiled with pet hair, mold, or vomit. If the vehicle is overly soiled, additional charges apply.

We advise that if any of the above applies to your vehicle to say while booking and send pictures, in order to avoid any surprise additional charges

A copy of your invoice can be sent through via email or WhatsApp.

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