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This is by far my most booked package

This package gets your car as close to a show room finish without machine polishing


If your car is in need of a more intense clean then this is the package for you

This is designed to take care of dog hair, staining and bad smells. It's designed for when your car just needs a more intense clean

This makes you forget about wanting a new car

This package will take between 4-6 hours

Please read my T&C's


​      Package Includes:

​      Interior

  • Seats, carpets, boot and mats hoovered and steamed (wet vac if necessary)

  • Full interior wipe down removing dust and dirt

  • Full interior steam clean to fully cleanse, disinfection and deodorize (Wet-vac will be used if necessary)

  • Air freshener to leave fresh scent 


  • Wheels, tyres and arches deep cleaned and decontaminated. Multiple stages will be carried out to ensure they are as clean as possible

  • Exterior Pre-wash and and snowfoam to lift and remove dirt from the paint surface, followed by 2 bucket, 2 mitt safe wash to help prevent causing damage to the paintwork

  • Vehicle dried with plush soft towels and warm air blowers

  • Paint protected with Performance PPL "Use Protection" sealant promising 6 months to 1 year of protection

  • Windows and wheels protected with our choice of sealant














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