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Single Stage

This is the first level of a correction detailing package that we offer here at Next Gen Valets

Our Single Stage Enhancement will remove up to 70% of swirls and defects caused by cheap car washing

After performing a deep clean and checking over the vehicle you will be advised about any spots that require a bit of extra attention, such as heavier cuts or a multi step

Please note that the interior is not included with this package. We are open to adding an interior clean at a reduced cost, seeing as the car is with us for so long

This package can take 8-10 hours to complete

Please read my T&C's

​      Package Includes:

​  ​


  • Wheel, tyre and arches cleaned and decontaminated. Multiple stages carried out to ensure as clean as possible

  • Exterior Pre-wash and snow foam to remove loose dirt and grime. Followed by 2 bucket, 2 mitt safe wash to prevent any damage to vehicle paint

  • Vehicle dried with plush soft towels and warm air blowers

  • Single stage machine polish to remove light paint swirls (any advised spot can be upped to multi step)

  • Tyres and wheel arches dressed

  • Wheels, paint and glass sealant added     

Can be upgraded to a 7 year coating for an additional cost




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