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Cleaning the Floor

Detailing Packages

Our Detailing packages are designed for the enhancement of your paintwork that will make your vehicle truly shine and stand out on those summer days

These packages are designed to either enhance the gloss of your vehicles paint or fully correct it through machine polishing process.  We can also take care of any scrapes and certain scratches that your vehicle has been unlucky enough to get throughout it's use 

Gloss Enhancement

The Gloss Enhancement package is our most basic machine polishing package

This is designed to enhance the paint glossiness (This is not a paint correction)

  • Full interior clean (hoover, dust and windows)

  • Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned 

  • Full safe wash using 2 bucket 2 mitt system 

  • Full decontamination of paint and glass

  • Quick machine polish to enhance paint work

  • Sealant or wax to add protection to paintwork, plastic and glass
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